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Referee Development and Education

With the demise of the PG Referees Association the PG Soccer Association took control of the Soccer referees education and development, to this end we have created this new page to help educate, instruct, improve and provide an advancement channel for young referees who wish to further their career.
We hope this page will provide a platform for young up and coming and existing referees to ask questions about the game and officiating and to get help when needed.
Please feel free to send emails to our team asking questions or making inquiries about upgrading.


Introduction to the Referee Development Team
Glen Thompson – Life Member (NCSSL), Referee, Assessor, Player
Tom Townrow  – Referee, Referee Assignor
Terry Carter – Life Member (NCSSL), Player, Ex Referee, Instructor, Assessor
Carlos Hernandez – Referee, Instructor

Ask a Question
Ask the Referee Team a technical question or other Referee related query.
The question and answer will be published, anonymously, here.
The answer will be given as per the FIFA Laws of the Game plus any Practical Referee comments that may be pertinent to the question.

For Example:

Question: Should I delay putting up my flag for offside?
Answer: Pregame discussion with your Referee should clarify this but, in general AR’s should only delay raising the flag for OFFSIDE when:
a) The ball is going to travel directly to the goalkeeper or a defending player and there is no further interference from ANY opposition player.
b) When the ball is going to go out for a THROW IN or GOAL KICK for the defending team where no OFFENDING TEAM players attempt to recover or play the ball before it leaves the field of play.
c) If in doubt PUT THE FLAG UP, your referee can then decide whether to call the offside or not. If the referee decides NOT to call the offside then he should give you a signal to lower your flag and a thumbs up for your help.

Question: When should I arrive at the game?
Answer: A referee should arrive at the game early enough to prepare their uniform and equipment, meet with their fellow game officials and discuss any subjects that come up with regards to the game. Also with  enough time to inspect the field of play, corner flags, nets and field marking.  Also you need time to check the players uniforms and that the players on the field are duly registered and not under suspension. 

Question: If I issue a Red Card to a Substitute Player on the players bench does the offending team have to remove player from the field?
Answer: NO, as this offence was committed by NON PLAYING team participants off the field of play it cannot affect the players on the field. The game should be stopped to deal with the situation and then restarted in the correct manner, throw in, goal kick, corner kick, dropped ball, penalty kick, kick off etc.

News and Views

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Video Section
Helpful videos will be posted below, they may be outside links or video clips.

A basic understanding for the grassroots Referee
LAW 12 Fouls and Misconducts

Grassroots Referee Workshop  – VIDEO LINK


FIFA Law Changes 2021/22
FIFA Law Changes 2021/22 – VIDEO LINK


Assistant Referee Positioning Overview.
An overview of the Duties and Positioning of Assistant Referees during the game, including Corner Kick duties and positioning, and an in depth review of the Offside Law and Assistants Positioning with diagrams.
Assistant Referee Workshop – VIDEO LINK


Know your HAND and ARM signals
Correct Referee Signals – VIDEO LINK


When do you award an Indirect Free Kick
The Indirect FreeKick – VIDEO LINK