Men’s Division

Men’s Division

Teams and Players are registered with the Association before the start of the season. All new teams (seven or less returning players from a single team) are subject to Association approval.

Players register and are then assigned to their chosen Team. Teams can register their allowed number of protected players before the start of the season. They then pick up additional players at player drafts scheduled throughout the season. Protected players are players that have played on a specific team the previous season and signed by that team. The player may not move to another team unless signed permission is obtained from the Team Official.

Premier Players are restricted to Division 1 levels. Premier Players are defined as a male or female player having previously played Varsity (University), Academy or with a youth Select program within the last five (5) years. Premier Players may only play in Division 1.

Players looking to join a team after the start of the season enter a draft process and are chosen by Team Officials to be on the team.

Team Officials can recruit and sign new players throughout the season unless recruited players are subject to mandatory draft rules, maximum players rules or registration rules. New recruits must not have been a member of the Association or played in any capacity in the PGSA in the previous season.

Icebreaker Tournament

The Association hosts an Icebreaker Tournament every May the weekend before the season starts. It offers an opportunity for players not registered to a team to play with various teams. All teams play one game each day and can play any age eligible player in the game in order to ‘try them out’. New players looking for a team are encouraged to come with their kit to the fields on these days and ‘try out’ a few teams.


Division 1

Advanced skill. High level of competition requiring increased level of fitness, experience and/or skill. No age restrictions.

Division 2

Beginner to intermediate skill. A transitional division at a recreational level of play. For beginners, those getting back into the game after a period of absence and for those transitioning from Division 1 to 2 (can be scheduled to cross over between Division 1 and Over 45). No age restrictions. Team size and number of teams may depend upon registration numbers.

Over 40’s

Our Over 40+ program (also known as Masters) is designed for men 40 years and older. All skill and fitness levels welcome. Somewhat competitive atmosphere.

Over 50’s

Our Masters 50+ program is designed for men and women over 50 years of age. Recreational atmosphere. May be 7-a-side or 11-a-side games dependent of number of players. One evening per week.

Over 65’s

Our Masters 65+ program is designed for men over 65 years of age. Recreational atmosphere. May be 7-a-side or 11-a-side games dependent of number of players. One evening per week. This Division fee is the cost of insurance only = $25.00. If you are registered in another Division, no fee.

If you’re looking to connect with others, get some great physical activity and enjoy team camaraderie, this is the place to do so.

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