Table of Contents:

  • Management and Control
  • Amendments of General Rules and Regulations
  • Regulations Regarding Players and Teams
  • Discipline
  • Appeals
  • Referees
  • Registration of Players and Teams
  • Postponement of Games
  • ID Cards
  • Protected Players
  • Premiere Players
  • Player Call Up Rules
  • Refunds
  • Tie Breakers
  • Youth Entry Agreement
  • Draft Rules

General Rules And Regulations (Updated April 2018)

Management And Control

  1. Every affiliated team is responsible to the Association for the actions of its players, officials, and spectators, and is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting officials and players during or at the conclusion of matches. If any player, official, or spectator uses objectionable language, they may be removed from any ground.
  2. The Directors of this Association shall have the power to deal with violations of the laws of the game, the rules, regulations and By-laws of the Association and any Governing Body (if any), and in the case of any infractions of the foregoing, or of any unsportsmanlike conduct, or any action tending to bring into disrepute or to be against its best interests, to summon before it any team, player, official or member, for the purpose of enquiring into said offence.
  3. It is misconduct for any team, or any player, official or member of any team, to offer, or attempt to offer, either directly or indirectly, any consideration whatsoever to another team, player or players of any other team, with a view to influence the result of a match. It is misconduct for any team, player or players, to accept such consideration.
  4. In the event any team, player, official or member is proven to the satisfaction of the Directors to have been guilty of any violation of the laws of the game, the rules and regulation of this Association, or of any misconduct, the Directors shall have the power to order the offending team, player, official or member to be removed from membership, suspended for a stated period, or dealt with in such a manner as the Directors may consider proper in the circumstances. No player or member of any such team so removed or suspended shall be eligible for membership in any other Association or team affiliated with this Association without the special permission of the Directors. The Directors may also order the offending parties to pay all expenses incurred in hearing the case.
  5. The Directors shall have the power to call any team or players thereof, to produce any books, letters or documents and other evidence the Directors may desire.
  6. In cases of dispute between teams or players legal proceedings shall be taken only as a last resort, and then only with the consent of the Directors.
  7. No barrister or solicitor shall represent any such team or player at the hearing of any protest, complaint or appeal, unless they be an executive officer of the Association or team concerned and has been such for a period of three months immediately preceding the lodgment of protest, claim, complaint or appeal and their name appears on the printed list of such team as an executive officer.
  8. The competitions of this Association take precedence over all other competitions.
  9. No team shall make a grant or honorarium to any amateur player without first obtaining the sanction of the Directors.
  10. Each affiliated team shall furnish this Association with a list of its responsible officers prior to the commencement of the playing season each and every year.
  11. All Dates, Fees and Fines are to be determined by the Association’s Directors.
  12. Association will determine the divisional structure. This will include which teams in which divisions and how many games to be played. The Association will also determine playoff format.

Amendments Of General Rules And Regulations

  1. The Rules and Regulations may be amended, altered or repealed in whole or in part at any meeting of the Board of Directors. Active members of the Board of Directors may propose changes to the Rules and Regulations by submitting them in writing to the Secretary of the Association for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Regulations Regarding Players, Teams, And Team Officials

  1. Player, Team and Team Official registration fees will be determined annually at the Annual General Meeting which will include membership in the Prince George Soccer Association and/or an appropriate affiliated authority, if any.
    1. All players must be registered in order to play in the Prince George Soccer Association. This includes non-playing Team Managers or Coaches.
      1. A player may only register for one team at any given time and can only play for that team, unless called up.
      2. Non-playing Team Managers or Coaches will be charged $25 for registration in the Prince George Soccer Association. This registration is considered an Active membership in the Association including, full Clubhouse facilities and voting at the AGM, they are also governed under the DISCIPLINE clause.
  2. A minimum performance bond shall be required from each team affiliating with the Association. The bond shall be returned to each team at the end of the season on request upon its satisfactory completion of the Association schedule and provided the team has met all other obligations to the Association. However, fines or levies applied against a team or players for violation of the laws, rules and regulations of the Association may be collected from this bond. The performance bond must be maintained at the original amount designated to that team throughout the entire season.
    1. No team will be allowed to participate in Association functions until all financial and other obligations to the Prince George Soccer Association are met.
    2. Fines may be levied for;
      1. playing an ineligible player or players (not in good standing),
      2. team being uncooperative or delaying scheduled game start time,
      3. default of game,
      4. accumulation of yellow or red cards,
      5.  any reason deemed appropriate by the Directors.
  3. If, in the opinion of the Referee, the team uniform colours will create a problem for officiating a game, the HOME team MUST change to colours or wear pinnies distinct from those of their opponents.
  4. All team and player financial obligations are the responsibility of the team manager.
    1.  Any team not in good financial standing will default any scheduled games until their financial obligations have been met. Financial obligations must be met by the time specified by the Association Executive.
    2. Any team that plays a game while not in good standing, shall forfeit those points and may be subject to further disciplinary action from the Association.


  1. In all cases the party complained against shall have the right to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.
  2. Players and/or Team Officials reported for misconduct may be allowed to continue to participate in all soccer activities until their case is dealt with, except;
    1. Players sent off the field of play (Red Card) will be automatically suspended for at least one (1) game.
      1. If this player is sent off for an infraction involving a player from the opposing team, the ejected player may bring the opposing player to their disciplinary meeting, if such player is willing to attend.
    2. Players will be suspended for one (1) game after the first three yellow cards and two (2) games after the fifth yellow card.  Further yellow cards may result in disciplinary action.  A player will be suspended for one (1) game after the second yellow card in the playoffs.
    3. Players or Team Officials reported for violent misconduct or for assault on players, referees or game officials, shall stand suspended from all soccer activities until their case has been dealt with by this Association and/or an appropriate affiliated authority, if any.
  3. Team accumulation of fifteen (15) or more yellow cards shall incur fines determined by the Association Directors.
  4. Where the control of discipline has been delegated to an affiliated organization or committee all cases of players ordered off the field of play as well as players and/or officials reported for misconduct shall be dealt with by the organization or committee within ten (10) days of the incident.
  5. These suspension guidelines will apply to all Association sanctioned games.
  6. In ice breaker, tournament, and exhibition games, red cards will count but yellow cards will not count.
  7. At the end of the regular season schedule all personal yellow cards will be reset to zero, except where a player has accumulated a suspension.  That player must complete their suspension.
  8. All suspensions and disciplinary action NOT completed by the end of the playing season will carry over to the next season.
  9. All persons on the Association grounds shall abide by the CODE OF CONDUCT and FIFA Laws of the Game.  Failure to do so shall result in sanctions by the Association.
  10. If a player earns a suspension in a call-up game, that player will not be able to play any game until their suspension has been served. A player may not use a called-up game to sit out a suspension, or any part thereof.
  11. Suspensions will be carried out in consecutive games. Whether the games are scheduled or rescheduled will not matter.
  12. Any registered player found playing while ineligible shall be appropriately disciplined by the Association.


  1. Appeals from the decision of the Disciplinary Committee under the jurisdiction of the Association shall be to the Directors of the Association.
    1. Appeals from the decision of the Association shall be made to an appropriate affiliated authority, if any.
  2. Appeals to this Association shall be in writing and shall state the grounds upon which the appeal is based.  A hard or electronic copy of the appeal, together with an appeal fee shall be sent to the Secretary of this Association via PO Box or e-mail within four (4) days from the time the decision is given. No appeal will be considered without payment of the fee.  The operation of such decision shall not be suspended pending the hearing of an appeal. Appeals shall not be withdrawn except by consent of this Association. The fee will only be refunded if the appeal is upheld.
  3. Appeals from a decision of this Association, with the exception of a decision rendered on matters referred to in Rule 4 hereunder, may be made to an appropriate affiliated authority, if any. The Board of Directors of said Association to decide in what manner and by whom such appeal shall be heard, but the operation of such decision shall not be suspended pending the hearing of an appeal unless the Board of Directors of an appropriate affiliated authority, if any so orders.
  4. A decision of this Association on an appeal arising from any Tournament game played in the province under the jurisdiction of this Association shall be final and binding.
  5. In dealing with any protest, the Association may take into consideration the possession by the protesting party of any knowledge which if properly used, might have obviated the protest.


  1. All referees shall be under the control and jurisdiction of this Association.
  2. No person shall officiate as a referee in any competition under the sanction or jurisdiction of this Association who is not on the official list of the Association, but if for unforeseen circumstances a referee on the official list is unable to act, teams or combinations shall agree on some other person in the emergency.
  3. All persons wishing to be placed on the official list of referees shall contact the Association’s referee assignor.
  4. The Association has the power to determine suitability of referees for the official’s list in conjunction with the Prince George Referees Association.
  5. All candidates may be assessed as to their suitability for duty.
  6. Complaints by or against referees shall be made in writing to the Secretary of this Association.
  7. The referee shall have the power to decide the fitness of the ground in all matches, and their decision shall be final.
  8. Referees are required to update the assignor game report following each game.
  9. Referees are required within forty-eight (48) hours of conclusion of a match at which they officiate, to forward to the Secretary of the Association concerned, a complete AGM report and a misconduct report, if applicable.

Registration Of Players And Teams

  1. Team registration and payment deadline date will be set by the Association each year. Teams may be denied registration or subject to a late payment surcharge if registering past that date.
  2. Team rosters will have a maximum of twenty-two (22) players registered at any one time. Additional players will be allowed to be signed, if;
    1. there is room on 22-player roster;
    2. players are signed during registration open window;
    3. they are obtained through the draft system;
    4. the Association executive allows it as a special case.
  3. All changes to a team’s roster must be registered with the Association Registrar, in writing, before they become official.
  4. All forms can be obtained from the Association Registrar or Association website.
  5. It is the responsibility of the teams’ manager to submit ALL changes to the Association Registrar.
  6. Players must be signed 48 hours before they are eligible to play. This includes all necessary documentation, which must be given to the Association Registrar upon registration.
  7. Players must play a minimum of three (3) Association games to be eligible to play for that team in the playoffs.
  8. A team list, with correct name and number, must be presented to the referee before commencement of the match. Changes can be made at half time. The list will include the date and names of the players in uniform for that game ONLY!  All call-ups and part-time (part-time – if applicable) must be designated as such.
  9. Player registration fee structure:
    1. Full Registration fee until July 15th, includes insurance and affiliation in an appropriate affiliated authority, if any.
    2. Mid-season (as decided by the Board) registration fees July 16th.
  10. When a player is no longer on a team’s active roster, or any other teams roster, the manager may sign a new player for a player replacement fee which may include insurance and affiliation in an appropriate affiliated authority, if any.
  11. A player must turn 16 years in the current calendar year to be eligible for registration with the Association.
  12. All new teams (seven or less returning players from a single team) will be subjected to Association approval.

Postponement Of Games

  1. If a game is postponed because of inclement weather, the Association will reschedule the game and notify the officials and the teams and give seven (7) days notice.
  2. A team wishing to postpone a scheduled game must give the Association seven (7) days notice, in writing.
    1. If, in the opinion of the Association, the reason given for postponement by the team is satisfactory, the Association will inform all parties concerned and make the appropriate arrangements to reschedule the game.

I.D Cards (If Applicable)

  1. All players must present a valid ID card before play in any sanctioned PGSA game.
  2. If a player plays in a sanctioned game without an ID card then the player and/or team are liable to Association discipline

Protected Players

  1. A player signed by a team is protected by that team. The player may not move to another team unless signed permission is obtained from the team manager or they are no longer protected by that team.
  2. A player is considered on a team’s protected list until released. This will carry over from year to year.
    1. Open division will protect maximum 17 players from last season’s roster.
      1. A player on a protected list may leave a team with the team manager’s permission.
      2. After the league starts, all players must go through the draft.
  3.  Other divisions are not subject to a maximum number of protected player.
  4. The Association has authority to adjudicate unreasonable requests.

Premier Players

  1. Open division teams will be limited in the number of “premiere” players on their roster.
    1. These are players who have played varsity or youth select within the last five years
  2. If a premiere player is available to draft, the team with the lowest number of “Premiere” players will have the first refusal.  This is to ensure that there is parity within the Division.
  3. Premiere players cannot play in the Women’s Recreational Division

Player Call Up Rules

  1. A team may call-up a player from a lower division.
  2. A player may only be called-up for a maximum of eight (8) games per season to play as a player. Goalies may be called-up unlimited times from a lower division or within their own division. This total carries across all divisions and teams.
  3. Women’s Recreation division may call-up within their division, but the 8 game applies.
  4. A team may only call-up a maximum of four (4) players per game, but their game roster cannot exceed 17 players. (eg. 13 players + 4 call-ups = 17 players max.).
  5. Goals scored by called-up players will count for that player’s total in the division in which they are called-up to play in.
  6. There will be no call-ups or part-time players for playoff or Cup games (Association games only).
  7. A call-up player must be identified on the team list.  The referee must be informed as well.
  8.  A suspended player is not eligible to be called-up until their suspension has been served.
  9.  The onus is on the team calling-up the player(s) and the player(s) themselves to ensure the authenticity of the information on the forms, and that the player is eligible to be called-up.
  10. All players, including called-up players, must provide the game official with their I.D. cards (If applicable).


  1. All refunds regarding team registration fees or performance bonds, will be handled by the Association Executive.
  2. Managers requesting a refund should submit such requests to the Association, in writing.
  3. There will be no player registration refunds after the season has commenced. See player replacement fee.

Tie Breakers

  1. If a clear winner is not decided by points, the Association tie breakers shall be as follows;
    1. Tie breaker game, if time permits (date, time and venue to be determined by Association).
    2. Record between the teams involved.
    3. Total goals for, only in games the teams involved played against each other during the regular season.
    4. If a winner still is not decided, there will be a coin toss.
  2. Section (a) above ONLY applies to determining a Divisional Champion.
  3. Sections (b), (c), and (d) apply to all teams.

Youth Player Entry Agreement

  1. All graduating youth players from Select/All Star teams will be drafted onto PGSA teams for the full season.
  2. Youth players who do not wish to play for the team that has drafted them will not be allowed to play for any other team in the PGSA for one (1) year from the drafting date.
  3. Graduating youth ‘House’ Association players do not have to go through the draft and may find a team prior to the start of season; after which they must enter the draft. (If applying for the Open Division, see Draft Rules below).
  4. A team of graduating youth players may petition the PGSA to enter the Association as a new team. The petitioning team must have at least eight (8) returning players from the graduating team.
  5. All players moving from the PGYSA to the PGSA are to be regulated by the PGSA.
  6. No person may register as a player in the PGSA and PGYSA simultaneously unless sanctioned by the British Columbia Soccer Association (BCSA).
  7. Any player currently registered with or has not graduated from PGYSA or another Youth Soccer Association within British Columbia who wishes to register with the PGSA must obtain a written confirmation of release from a senior executive of the Youth Association. A letter of understanding must also be presented from the player’s parent(s) or legal guardian stating agreement to play in the PGSA. These documents must be received by the PGSA registrar prior to attempted registration in the PGSA.

Draft Rules

  1. There will be a draft for each division, if warranted:
    1. Draft order will be lowest team drafts first followed by the next lowest to highest teams based on the previous season standings. Open will draft first followed by other divisions.
    2. Future drafts during the season will be last place drafts first with first place drafting last. Open will draft first followed by Masters.
    3. All players wishing to enter the draft must select which division(s) they are willing to play in.
  2. All draft eligibility is subject to the Association’s discretion.
  3. Ice breaker will be held first, the final registration date and open window closure will be next, followed by the draft. All these happen before the season starts.
  4. Any new team will be last to draft a player. An existing team (8 or more returning players) with a new sponsor will not be considered a new team.
  5. If a team folds, all players on that team will be considered released. No more than 3 of those players can go to any one team prior to the draft without Association approval.

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