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by Gwen Crossman, 1999(Updates and Additions by Terry Carter 2021)

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1980, 1990, 2000, 2010,  2020

Prince George Womens Soccer Association

1980 – 1989   top of page

In 1983 the first woman’s soccer team was formed in Prince George.
Jackie Collins helped to spearhead the formation of the first women’s team by placing an ad in the local Citizen newspaper to encourage any interested women to come out to play. Steve Lamble was the inaugural coach that first season.
1983 – Jun17th PG Spruce Caps defeat Rudy Strikers of Quesnel in their first official game.
1983 – Jun 21st PG Spruce Caps defeat Quesnels Country Glass Stingers in exhibition play

1984 – Prince George Womens Soccer Team

1984 – Jun 18th Charlotte Hein(Runners World Spruce Caps) pots 5 against Billy Barker Inn Strikers (Quesnel)

Prince George had one women’s team up to 1985 -they competed against high school and youth teams locally, and against the Quesnel team.
In 1985 a four team league was struck playing games on Monday and Wednesday evenings at P.G.S.S. soccer pitches.
1985 – May 22nd Womens Soccer league kicks off with wins for The Strikers and Cariboo Chrome

1986 – May 3rd Womens Socccer and Youth Soccer join together to form league

1987 – New Executive for Womens Soccer League
Patti Smith, Tammy Gjerde, Michelle Grover, Lila Kinaschuck

Patty Smith was the first president of the Women’s Soccer League when it was initially formed.

In 1989 an executive committee created a constitution and set of bylaws for the league. Patty Smith also became the Director for the North Cariboo Senior Soccer League, as a liaison to the women’s league.

1989 Jun 29th – Womens Soccer Plays On  

1990 – 1999  top of page

1990 Jun 27th Womens Soccer Alive and Well in PG

1990 Jul 9th – Womens Soccer Promoted.

1990 Jul 18th – Women’s Soccer League entered two teams in the B.C. Summer Games in Prince George and one team came away with a fourth place finish.

1991 May 3rd – Womens League Prospers 

1991 May 16th – Cutting Upfield; (photo)
Sarah Delport, Cheryle Young

Patty Smith pursued officiating within the men’s and women’s and youth soccer leagues after 1993, as well as continuing to play soccer and coach her daughters in youth soccer.

1993 May 13th – Womens Soccer Draws New Blood: (Photo)
Debbie Stewart, Shannon McCaffery, Arlene Schultz, Barb Denman

1993 Jul 6th – Youth Soccer Team Streak Unblemished: (Photo)
Kirstin Johns,Leslie Dyck, Meredith Bogle

1995 May 7th – Growing Sport, Youth Soccer Explosion.

1995 Jul 31st – Soccer Team Leaves Games Walking Proud

1996 Jul 8th – Bagel St Cafe vs Deloitteand Touche in Playoff Finals

1996 Jul 9th – Deloitte win in Shootout

1997 Jun 7th – Guts and Energy Drive KFC

1998 Aug 28th – McQuick Draws Shootout Win (Photo)

Other presidents following Patty included: Sheila Brygadar, Allison Blair, Karren Behiel and, presently, Gwen Crossman is the president of the PG.W.S.A. Over the last five years the PG.W.S.A. has initiated their goals of becoming an association and working towards their long term goal of acquiring their own fields. Acquisition of the financial backing necessary to under take such an important task of purchasing land and developing fields for the women’s association is a strong mandate and ongoing goal.

As for the up and coming soccer season for 1999 – the negotiations with the city have resulted in the P.G.W.S.A. acquiring exclusive use of the Ron Brent fields. The ongoing liaison with the P.G.Y.S.A. has allowed the women’s league to continue to work very cooperatively with the youth soccer league and utilize their fields for this up and coming season, as they have done so in the past.

Their has been a gradual increase in the number of women who are pursuing the active role as referees – as officials within the women’s, men’s and youth soccer leagues. Patty Smith initiated the process in Prince George, followed by Tammmy Kosolofski and Nikki Maslen . Both Patty and Tammy have had the honour of being invited to officiate in the B.C. Summer Games – which exemplifies the quality of officiating by both of these individuals. The women’s association has an ongoing mandate to promote and develop female officials as role models within our association and within the sporting community of Prince George.

Presently, the P.G.W.S.A. has four competitive women’s teams, seven recreational teams and four youth girl’s teams which play within the women’s competitive division. The growth is strong and the future is very bright for women.
Gwen Crossman 1999

2000 – 2009  top of page
2000 May 5th – Alive and Kicking

2000 May 28th – Michelle Lamarche Tribute

2000 Aug 25th – PG Womens Finals Decided:(Photo)
Nicole Harteau, Connie Roch

2000 Aug 27th – PG Croatia takes title.(Photo)

2001 Jun 19th – PG Croatia 4th at Provincial Rec Cup

2001 Aug 1st – Phoenix Rising (Photo)

2001 Aug 20th – PG Croatia, Victoria Physio, Pathfinders cont. all Champions

2002 Jun 5th – Lamarche Tournament This Weekend

2003 May 25th Terra Pro Defeat Dominos (Photo)

2009 August 10th Treasure Cove take the championship(photo)

2010 – 2019  top of page

2014 Jun 26 Womens Soccer Thriving (photo)

2014 Sep 12 – Kodiak Chrome Shine in Final

2017 Oct 10 – PGWSA and NCSSL vote on Amalgamation carried by members.

2020 – COVID PANDEMIC STRIKES – Shuts down all sports till further notice:

2021 – Jan 18 – PGWSA and NCSSL Womens and Mens Soccer Players Give
Assent to Amalgamation in Final Vote.
New Soccer Organization Prince George Soccer Association(PGSA) Finalized

Womens Division and Playoff Winners

Div 2/Div 3
Division 2/3 League Champions
Div 2/Div 3 Playoff Champions

Division 2/3 League Champions
2023 – Concordia Family Medicine/Medichair/Concept Dental
Division 2/3 Playoff Champions
2023 – Concordia Family Medicine/Medichair/Concept Dental

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