Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2023

Christian Neuenschwander


Savio DaSilva

Vice President

BJ Barth


Kirsty Ames


Kal Basi

Officials Development

Shona Talbot


Matt Jubinville


Andrea Brutenic Fowler


Board Structure

The Board is a volunteer working board with working committees. Each board position chairs a committee based on the areas required operationally. The board chair can recruit committee members (committee members can include non-members (community volunteers), PGSA members as well as PGSA Board members). All committees have one vote on the board. And this will be with committee chair.

Ten (10) Board positions are filled for the specified term(s). President, Vice-President, Secretary and Finance are rotating two year terms and are elected into position at the AGM. The Director positions are one year terms and are elected at the AGM then appointed into position.

1. President (2 year)
2. Vice-President (2 years)
3. Secretary (2 year)
4. Finance (2 years)
5. Facilities (1 year)
6. Media/Marketing/Communications (1 year)
7. Discipline/Stats (1 year)
8. Officials (1 year)
9. Registrar (1 year)
10. Sponsorship/Events (1 year)

The Board endeavors to promote equality and diversity regarding gender, region, age, language, ethnicity, professional backgrounds and personal experiences. The Board manages or supervises the management of PGSA subject to the provisions of the Act and its Constitution and Bylaws, rules and policies. The Board must manage and conduct the operations prudently and maintain and protect the assets. Each Board position operates and conducts business under a clear job description.

The PGSA holds monthly board meetings. Members in good standing of the PGSA are welcome to attend board meetings by submitting a request to the Secretary. Please contact the Board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location. PGSA Annual General Meetings are held every January.

Tom Townrow

Referee Scheduler

Kimberly Werstiuk

Office Administrator

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