The North Cariboo Senior Soccer League’s mandate is to provide and promote senior (18 and over) soccer in Prince George. To that end we provide a number of leagues and programs that are outlined below. Players between the ages of 16-17 can play with the consent of the league and their guardian.

Competitive Divisions

This is the top flight of soccer in Prince George and is broken down into three divisions based on the minimum age of the players.

Teams are registered with the league before the start of the season. Teams then register their allowed number of protected players (different for each age group) before the start of the season. They then pick up additional players at the pre-season and future mid-season drafts.

Additional players and players looking to join a team after the start of the season are required to enter a draft process and are chosen by team managers to be on the team. Players are never assigned to teams by the league in the competitive divisions.

Many managers (especially those in the Open division) do not like to draft players they do not know. To that end the league hosts an Icebreaker Tournament the second weekend of May (May 13th / 14th, 2017) where all teams play one game each day and can play any age eligible player in the game in order to try them out. New players looking for competitive league play are encouraged to come with their kit to the fields on these days and pick up with a few teams to get an idea of where they stand. Click on the registration link to register.

Open Division

A player of any age can be picked up by a team in this division.

This group plays on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

30+ Division

Due to a lack of teams registering this season this division has been folded into the Open Division.

45+ Division

A player must be turning 45 in the current calendar year or older in order to be picked up by a team in this division. This group plays on Monday and Thursday nights.

The 45+ division, due to stagnant growth has been provided with the option of signing up to 3 under age players who are between 40 and 45 in the current calendar year.

All teams play on a single Sunday in the middle of June, July and August.

Recreational Soccer

The NCSSL also offers a couple of recreational soccer options.  In these groups there is either only a referee and no assistants or no referee at all.  Goal scorers and other competitive statistics are not recorded by the league.  All players in the group are assigned to teams by the league and attempts are made to balance play.

Recreational Division

  • Available to all players who wish to play in a more relaxed environment.
  • In the past this group has been organized into four teams which play against each other every Tuesday night with a single referee. Depending on registration levels this is the desired format for this league.
  • If registration levels are low the group may be converted to an organized kick around and the registration fee partially refunded.  Players who do not want to play this new format will be provided the option of a full refund.
  • Plays every Tuesday night mid May through mid September at 6:30 PM
  • Due to the lack of registrations in the past couple of seasons this option was cancelled for this season.  The league is recommending that players who are looking for recreational play consider the Friday night coed drop in run in conjunction with the PG Women’s Soccer Association

50+ 7-A-Side

  • A option started in 2015 for players who will be turning 50 or more in the current calendar year.
  • Organized kick around on a shortened field with no referee
  • Plays every Tuesday night mid May through mid September at 6:30 PM
  • Players who play in the 45+ masters division who meet the minimum age requirement will be allowed to register for this group as well.
  • Aggressive / overly competitive play will not be tolerated.

Coed Division

  • A option started in 2016 for players looking for casual drop in soccer.  It is drop in and teams are formed based on who shows up each game.  Depending on turnout this has ranged from 7 a side all the way up to 2 full games.
  • Play time is every Friday evening at 6:30pm for a couple of hours.  There are no games on long weekends (Canada Day, BC Day).  There is often an Open division game at 8:30 pm under the lights and the Men’s licensed clubhouse will be open on those evenings.
  • The cost is only $50 for Coed only registrations and free for men who already play in one of the other divisions.

Other Options / Information

Call Up Roster:

At the current time the NCSSL also offers a form of “part time” play.  A player can register for a special Call Up list and is permitted up to play up to 8 games for divisions where they meet the age requirements.  These players and their contact information are placed on a list available to all managers.

Call Up Rules:

  • When a team is going to be short of players for a game (less than 17 showing up from their regular roster) a team may use up to 3 call up players to get to 17.
  • Call up players can be from the Call Up list or from a lower level division (Open -> 30+ -> 45+ -> Recreational Soccer) or from the Call Up registrations.  7-a-side players are not eligible for call ups unless they also play in the 45+ competitive division.
  • No player is allowed to play more than 8 call up games in a season.
  • Teams cannot use call ups for play-off games.

Half Season Rates

The call up roster is the only variable way of playing a partial season in the NCSSL.  We do not have any other half time or player sharing arrangements.  Once a player has paid their registration and taken the field in a game they are no long eligible for any sort of refund from the league.  At the half way point of the season the league offers a reduced rate for new registrations.

Injured Players / Registration Refunds

Players who are injured or unable to play are not provided a refund by the league.  A manager may replace a player for a $25 fee and any exchange of money between the incoming and outgoing player is the decision of the team manager.

Players who are injured / unable to play soccer for the season and who have not played in a single game may request a full refund from the league so long as it is done in a timely manner.  As game rosters are not kept for the recreational teams, refund requests will be decided on a case by case basis.

In special circumstances the league may also consider a written request for a refund from a player.  Please contact the league if you have special circumstances that no longer permit you to participate.

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