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Prince George Soccer Association

Located in Prince George, BC,  PG Soccer (PGSA) is an outdoor adult soccer association offering men and women, age 16 years and over in the northern region a place to play the game.  Our facilities have 5 full sized soccer pitches, one with lights, around a two story clubhouse with change rooms and concession on the lower level and a licensed area with balcony on the upper level overlooking the fields.  Being in Northern BC our season runs from mid May to mid September.  In 2018 the PGSA was created through the amalgamation of the men's NCSSL and women's PGWSA soccer leagues into one joint association.

Air Quality and Game Cancellations

Some clarification on how we are dealing with game cancellations due to poor air quality:

The AQHI website will be monitored by our executive, and the final decision on whether games will be cancelled will be made 1.5 hours prior to game time.  (for example, if the 5:00 PM reading is 7 or higher, then the 6:30 PM games will be cancelled).  Team managers will be notified, and the notice will be posted to the website and the Facebook page. In specific cases, the decision may be made earlier.

If a games is started, and the Air Quality decreases drastically over the course of a game, the referee may opt to suspend the game.

*** All postponed games up to and including August 14th have been rescheduled. Please see the schedules pages for details ***



All league schedules have been uploaded! There have been significant changes from the last posted version, so please make sure that you take a look.

Click on your Division below, then your Team Name:



HOME > CO-ED > "Game Schedule

Full Schedule Calendar - Read 'USING THE CALENDAR' to see how to populate the Calendar with your preferences.

Field Status

Field status will be finalized just before 5pm.  If you think games may be cancelled please check here after 5pm.  When a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect games will go on but the referee is empowered to suspend play if conditions become dangerous.

Updates & News

Team List Template


Fill this out this pdf with your known roster and print out a bunch .

VERY IMPORTANT that you cross off players that aren't there, and add/mark your call-ups for each game.

You will only need to provide one copy to the referee.

Field Access and Rental






If you are interested in renting the Prince George Soccer Association fields, please direct all inquiries to:

All inquiries about renting the Clubhouse direct to PGSA. 


Prince George Soccer Association  
1771  George Paul Way  
250 564-9565